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YDETEC confirms his partnership with the Italian company EUROGI.

EUROGI is member of the TKR Group. They  are focused on engineering, design and production of electronic products and systems needs to cover a large number of applications in the energy, telecontrol and industrial automation fields:

  • Devices for remote control and automatic reset of modular circuit breakers

  • Programmable differential protections with intelligent self-reset

  • Earth fault indicators for installation on medium voltage electricity distribution networks

  • Rack SCADA products for alarms signals coding, repeating and isolation, based on TERNA Italian electricity board specifications

  • Rack ventilation fan units, with thermal control and on-line diagnostic, fitted on rack modules in size 1 or 2 units, with direct or alternating current supply



Dear partner, dear supplier,

On November 1st, YDETEC will move to its new office. The head office, billing and shipping address will all be moved to the new building.

Please take this into account in advance for any delivery or correspondence after October 31st.


Cher partenaire, cher fournisseur,

Le premier novembre prochain, la société YDETEC déménagera dans ses nouveaux locaux. Le siège social, l’adresse de facturation et de livraison seront tous transférés à la nouvelle adresse.

Merci d’avance d’en tenir compte pour toute livraison ou correspondance après le 31 octobre.





Avenue Lavoisier 18A

1300 WAVRE

Ydetec is proud to become the new sponsor of the women National 2 Volley Ball team "VCCG La Spirout Chaumont". We wish them all the best and a succesfull season. 
New ownership of the company YDETEC ELECTRONICS
January 2019

Change of ownership of the company Ydetec Electronics sprl

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We wish to inform you that Mr. Yves Devlamynck has sold his shares to Mr Vincent Vanden Herrewegen who becomes the new owner of the company, with retroactive effect as 01.01.2019.
The management will be operated by Mr Vanden Herrewegen.

Please note that Mr Devlamynck remains at our side to share his experience and to ensure a technical consulting for the future activities.
We also want to thank Mrs Céline Devlamynck for her collaboration and her efficiency during this period, and we wish her all the best for her future experience.

logo circulaire 3D.png
logo 2019-Def.png
New short form catalog 2018 Edition from YDETEC ELECTRONICS
September 2017


YDETEC ELECTRONICS releases his new general catalog. You can download it here.

Breaking news...

August 2017

We are proud to introduce our new partner, the company Shenzhen Cectn Technology CO.,Ltd, which is a professional manufacturer of high voltage Aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Cectn belongs to the top 3  on the Chinese market and is looking forward to be one of the leader on worldwide range. For this reason, they have chosen YDETEC to become the western Europe technical expert and resaler. 

Ydetec Electronics introduces a new exclusive partner: DUCATI energia
July 2016
Ydetec represents DUCATI energia, and especially his Power Capacitors & Regulator division

At the begin of sept 2016, YDETEC and DUCATI will organize "on-site" information sessions. If you are interested by a meeting in your office with the representatives from DUCATI, please contact and ask us in our contact form here

New short form catalog from YDETEC ELECTRONICS
September 2015


YDETEC ELECTRONICS releases his new general catalog. You can download it here.


May 2015


YDETEC was born in 1995. With a formal experience and a successful carreer in the industry, Mr Yves Devlamynck decided to start his own business.

The first commercial activity of the company was dedicated to the construction of television networks by satellite. This is where our logo comes from.

From the beginning of the activity, the first industrial customers were asking for solutions, and the first agreements with industrial partners were founded.

Today, YDETEC ELCTRONICS represents more than 50 industrial partners worldwide, who are giving us their support and putting their trust in our efficiency and our know-how.

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