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Field of activity

Gamme de produits YDETEC

Seeking for new applications


Power electronics and industry are fields in permanent change.

The evolution of the markets and the technologies engage us to be aware of the needs and behaviours of our customers.

For those reasons, our product range and our partners panel are the two most important parts of the business in continuous evolution.

That's the reason why our field of activity is growing each day. However we are specialized in power electronics, our know-how and our technical added-value is wider. We also offer solutions in housing, electromechanics, cabling, sub-contracting, ...

We propose to our customers integrated solutions, custom products, wathever the needs and the technology could be.

  • Diodes & Thyristors + modules

  • IGBT’s

  • Resistors

  • Capacitors

  • Transformers & inductors

  • Thermal engineering

  • 19’’ Mechanics

  • Housing

  • Plastic housing

  • Electromechanical devices

  • Connectors

  • EMC

  • Integration

  • on-board equipments

  • Cabling

  • Flat wires & shunts

  • Filters

  • Suspension elements

  • Consultance & audit

  • Research & Development

fournisseur de Composant Electronique pour l'industrie

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