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Vincent Vanden Herrewegen
General Manager

YDETEC is born in 1995. With a formal experience and a successful carreer in the industry, Mr Yves Devlamynck decided to start his own business.

The first commercial activity of the company was dedicated to the construction of television networks by satellite. This is where our logo comes from.

From the beginning of the activity, the first industrial customers were asking for solutions, and the first agreements with industrial partners were founded.

Today, YDETEC ELECTRONICS represents more than 50 industrial partners worldwide, who are giving us their support and putting their trust in our efficiency and our know-how.

Since Janyary 2019 the 1st, Mr Vincent Vanden Herrewegen is the owner of the comany and the General Manager.

Mr Yves Devlamynck is becoming Senior Technical Consultant.




Yves Devlamynck
Senior Technical Consultant
Johann Pardonge
Technical and Logistic department

Ydetec is moving in his new building

Since April 2015, the company has moved in the new facilities, in the industrial complex of Nivelles, at the southside of Brussels. The 2-floors offices and the 200m² storage were designed to fit with the future plans of the company.

Ydetec is now able to manage is own production line as a subcontractor.



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